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MP3 Audio from Youtube Videos

Review: Download MP3 Audio from Youtube

Website review – YouTube Tracks – download mp3 audio from video clips

Ever wanted to grab the audio from a Youtube clip? Are there live versions of songs that you can’t get anywhere else? We’ve discovered this nifty utility that allows you to simply input the URL of the Youtube clip and with seconds you will be downloading the audio of that clip as a CD-Quality MP3 audio file.

Here’s how it works:
1. Visit Youtube Tracks and input the URL address of the video clip that you want to save the audio to MP3.

2. Select hi or low quality (default is HQ quality)

3. Click on the Red Download MP3 button

That’s it! Now wait for the confirmation window to save the mp3 file to your hard drive as an mp3 audio file.

Disclaimer – Tech Exposures is not affiliated with the website mentioned in this article and we do not make claims about the legality of using this tool.

Internet Tips & Tricks Linux

Linux – Save Youtube, Myspace Videos To Desktop. No Software Needed

I’m using Ubuntu, but this method should work on every Linux distribution.

Copy Youtube, Myspace, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Megafile, MegaVideo Videos to Your Desktop
When you watch a video on Youtube and other popular video file sharing sites, Adobe’s Flash Player is temporarily storing the file in your /tmp directory. Once you leave the page or close the tab on your browser, the file is erased and is irretrievable.

Steps to copy file to your desktop
1. Let the video load on your web browser. You can do this for multiple videos on separate tabs at the same time. The progress bar shows you when the file is completely buffered (e.g. saved to your hard drive).
2. Do not close the browser or leave the pages where the videos are buffered!
3. Find the temporary file
From a terminal window, change to your /tmp directory

cd /tmp

3. List all the files in order of last updated.

ls -tlh

The Flash file(s) that you currently have open in your browser will be listed. They usually start with FLA****
Look for the biggest filesize(s) and you’ll clearly see the video file(s) you are looking for.
4. Copy the the files to your desktop (or anywhere else on your drive). Remember to give them a .flv extension for easier playback of the files.

cp tempfilename ~/Desktop/MyFavoriteTVShow1.flv

Use our other Linux tips to then copy these FLV files to your iPod, Sansa, Creative and other portable mp4 players. Linux is the best, enjoy!

Please share your methods and experiences here.