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Tech News Roundup June 29

Spears, DeGeneres Twitpic accounts hacked

Why would anyone want to pretend to be Britney Spears or Elen DeGeneres?  Isn’t that kind of counter-intuitive?

Xbox users in France to get Canal+ films, soccer

Xbox 360 users in France can now watch Canal + TV free thanks to a deal with Microsoft.

The Return of Steve Jobs

Can Apple get along without their CEO?  Remember in the 90s everyone thought Intel was done-in when Andy Grove retired?  Well, maybe everyone was right?

Euro Kindle talks break down with German carriers

Living in Europe?  Don’t throw out your tactile books just yet.

Google mocks Bing and the stuff behind it

Rumor: Zune HD Coming In Early September Priced Between $249-$280

Mobile Devices are the big news today :

PhoneSuit Turns iPhone, iPod Touch into Portable Projector

Sony silent on reports of ‘PlayStation phone’

Sprint launching BlackBerry Tour on July 20th?

This is Sony’s supposed iPhone killer


Microsoft Limits Free Windows 7 Upgrades

Trying to create some demand in a shriking economy

Microsoft to put Windows 7 on USB sticks

File this one in the “Let’s copy Linux” departmentMandriva 2009 is also offered on a 8GB USB stick

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Today’s Top Technology Stories – June 25

Today’s top stories with TechExposure’s unique commentary.

US urges China to scrap Internet filter plan

China presses on with its plans to monitor every piece of information passing thru Chinese computers.  Can anyone say “Big Brother”?

Microsoft Has Big Plans for Power-saving Tools

Microsoft’s $9 billion research unit is coming up with ways to save our planet from climate change caused by greenhouse gasses, which is in no small part due to our computers being left on all day long.  How

Upgrading to the iPhone 3G S

There’s a few interesting threads in the papers today regarding the value of an iPhone and the sum of its parts.   Are you still confused?

ZeniMax Media Buys id Software, Maker of Doom [and Quake]

Further consolidation of the gaming industry as one big gaming company buys another.  It’s a good thing that industry hasn’t figured out they could go to congress and ask for bailouts.  Hey, there are probably thousands of programming jobs at risk here.

LG Elec aims to sell up to 5 mln LED TVs in 2010

US approves import ban on some Sharp TVs, displays

Did we read that headline correctly?  5 Million TVs!  What ever happened to USA TV Manafucterers like Zenith?  Remember their slogn, “the quality goes in before the name goes on”?  It’s no wonder that the US is starting to aggressive in its trade restrictions.

Google Opens adsense For Mobile Applications

Now developers of mobile ads can bake in Google Adsense ads.  The hegemony continues!

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Reaches Max Downloads

Remember when “Microsoft Security” was considered a oxymoron?    According to their website, the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) Beta reached 75,000 downloads in less than 24 hours.

Kayak to Bing: Stop Copying Us!

More on the Microsoft front.  Kayak, the multi-airline fare checker has a nice looking website.  They claim that the folks at Microsoft Bing like it so much, they copied it.  Look here – Source: Wired News:

Palm Pre Reaches 1 Million Apps Mark

Palm is vying for the “Avis award”, they try harder (but they’re still number two)

Fortune 100 CEOs are Social Media Laggards

File this one in the ‘duh’ department.   Fortune Magazine reports that of the 100 CEOs interviewed, none are maintaining a blog, and only two have a Facebook page.

Boxee Adds Windows Alpha, Partnership

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better for online-tv viewing,  open-source Boxee platform who already aggregated content from CBS, Hulu, MTV, Netflix, The WB and more, has announced, along with its Windows release, new content from Digg, Current, MLB.  It’s great to be living in the Open-source age.  Now, let’s get everyone over to Linux…