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20 Free KDE Linux Arcade & Board Games Reviews

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Here’s another instalment in our huge list of great free games broken out by category that you can install and enjoy on your Linux desktop.  We tested these on Slackware on a KDE desktop, but they should work on Gnome and other distros as well.  To install them, simply go to your package manager and add any or all of them to your desktop.  There’s so much free stuff out there for us to enjoy!  No bloodshed or violence here…

Arcade Games

kgoldrunner screenshot

KGoldrunner is a great maze game. It has hundreds of levels where pieces of gold must be collected, with enemies in hot pursuit.   This is the type of game we used to plunk a hunk of quarters next to the coin slot and play all day.


KBounce is a single player arcade game. It reminds me of Breakout, in a more intelligent form.  The field is surrounded by a wall, with balls that move about in the field bouncing off of the walls. The player can build new walls, etc…  I was a bit frustrated while playing, that’s probably a good thing.

kfouleggs screenshot

Kfouleggs is a Tetris type adaptation of the Japanese game Puyo-Puyo.  It includes multi-player action too.  Simple and fun.

kolf screenshot
Kolf is a miniature golf game with top down view with a large number of golf courses.

ksnakerace | ksnake
Snakerace screenshot

Your snake eats apples and tries to avoid the obstacles.  Comes with 25 levels.


kspaceduel screenshot

kspaceduel is one of those ‘shoot em up in outer space’ type of games.  Simple but effective.



The name says it all.  How much money did you spend as a kid playing asteroids at the arcade?  This is fun and nostalgic too.


How do you avoid copyright issues when you want to make a game like Tetris? You spell Tetris backwards.  Seriously though, ksirtet is a great implementation of Tetris with multiple players, world-wide scores, etc…



Another adaptation of Tetris.  It works on Debian/Slackware with KDE3. We haven’t tested this on KDE4.



Remember when Tron was sci-fi?  We used to wonder what the future would be like and Tron was our vision?  The 1980s movie helped hype the game, or was it the other way around?  Either way, it’s nostalgic.

Board Games

These board games are all great uses of ‘unused’ time.  If you are at the airport waiting for your next flight, sink into these guys and the time will fly by.



This game requires two players.  This is the Linux version of Abalone.   The object is to push 6 of your opposing player’s marbles off the board.  Abalone was voted the most popular board game in Europe.   Get yuor neighbor on a long haul flight to be your opponent, and before you know it you’ll be landing in London…



Backgammon on Linux.  Forever fun.



This is a hide and seek shoot em up game.  Kind of mixes up the metaphors, looks like strategy but with an arcade element.



Chess anyone?  This version comes with a timer, so you can pretend you are on a park bench in some inner city playing against your opponent for money and hitting the time box each time you move.  Play against a human or the computer.



Chess with an extensible board and designer kit.  Very pretty too.



Mahjongg is one of those games that once you get started you can’t stop.  I go through phases where it’s the only game i’ll play for a few weeks.  This is a nice version with all the extras you’d expect to pay for, only on Linux it’s free 🙂


Monopoly anyone? This game comes with a separate designer pack in case you fancy making your own version.  I am simply amazed at how great Linux is and the developing community that produces wonderful fun and entertainment.  Atlantik is a great game to show your kids and get them interested in the ‘programming’ process of creating their Monopoly environment, or just to play with the preset board.


You think it’s going to be another mahjongg game, bit it isn’t. Hey, when non-English speakers look at Western board games, they must think Risk and Stratego are the same thing too?  I really don’t get this game, but I’m sure that Linux users in the East are having lots of fun with it.


kfourinline screenshot

Here’s the kids favorite Connect 4.  Actually this version is simply gorgeous.  It has the eye-candy and it’s a great game too.



Othello for the rest of us.  Here’s another great game to play when you have time on your hands. Why fuss with setting up the pieces when you can play on the computer and restart just like that?

These games are all a lot of fun and sure to keep you and your kids busy, but wait, there’s more…

Next instalment of game reviews –  Card Games, Tactics, and strategy.

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Slax 3.5 Minimal Linux KDE – Live CD – Quick Review & Snapshots

Continuing on my search for a Kubuntu replacement as I wrote about in my earlier post.

Slax 3.5 Minimal Live CD
Here’s a nice KDE 3.5 Linux distro with a minimal set of applications and only a 180 MB download. The Live CD took about 5 minutes to fully load and the CD was constantly churning throughout the entire time I demoed the product.

Since it’s a minimal distro, there’s no Gimp, no Firefox, no Open Office. Instead, you have Kplayer, Kopete, K3B, Konquerer, ,Konsole, Kword, Kspread, and Kpresent. Everything worked fine (except for the excessive CD churning).

The desktop is aesthetically pleasing with the tux background spread over the continents.  The menus are set pleasingly to the eyes.  The folks at Slax have decided not to jump to KDE 4 yet, and I think that’s a great move, until the kinks have been ironed out on the plasma desktop.

Although Slax was pleasing, it didn’t tickle my Linux bone enough to give up Ubuntu in my search for a Kubuntu replacement. The search continues…

Slax Live CD Screenshots