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20 Linux Games Cards, Strategy & Toys – Review Screenshots

Linux Free Games Quick Review – Card Games, Strategy & Tactics, and Toys
Here’s another instalment in our  huge list of great free games broken out by category that you can install and enjoy on your Linux desktop.  We tested these on Slackware on a KDE desktop, but they should work on Gnome and other distros as well.  To install them, simply go to your package manager and add any or all of them to your desktop.

Card Games

Lskat – Lieutenant Skat

lskat screenshot

Lieutenant Skat is a two player card game (real opponent or vs. computer) which follows the rules for the German game Offiziers Skat.  I have no idea how to play it, but if you like card games and have the time, it has many options, and card decks to choose from.  You can practice on this live demo.

Kpat (Kpatience)

linux-game-patience screenshot

KPatience is a collection of many popular card games. Klondike, Freecell, Yukon,  Canfield, and many others.  There are language packs, and card options to keep you busy for a while.  This is perfect play-on-your-laptop-game while waiting for a flight.


kpoker screenshot

Here’s KDE’s version of Poker.  There’s many game variations, such as 5 card draw, 7 card stud, etc… You can bet on your hand, and watch your earnings grow – go bankrupt.  The game has many other features.  How about getting yourself ready for Vegas?  Here’s your free tool to help you prepare…

kiriki screenshot
This game is not about cards, it’s about dice.  From one to six players collect points by rolling five dice for up to three times per single turn.  Kiriki reminds me of something I’ve played before, but I can’t put my finger on it…

Tactics & Strategy



This is where things start to get tough!   Knetwalk is a single player strategy game where you get to construct the network, and try to connect all the terminals to the server in the fewest turns possible.For those of us who do this for a living, this is plain cruelty to make a game out of it :).  Seriously though, this a good game to give to your high-school aged children who are considering a career in systems.


kde4 kbattleship screenshot

You sunk my battleship!  Certainly one of the more memorable commercials of the 80s.  If you missed it then, you can play it now, for free on Linux.  This Battleship, like the original, lets two players try to locate and sink their opponent’s ships.  You can play against the computer as well – but how do you know he isn’t peeking?


Klickety is like Tetris, but you also have to match colors and click on them.


konquest screenshot

This KDE version is based on the original Gnome version by the same name.  The object of the game is to  conquer other planets by sending ships to them. As you progress, you try to build an interstellar empire and ultimately conquer all other player’s planets.  Sounds a bit like life…


ksquares screenshot

Who needs a piece of paper and a pen?  When I was a kid and was bored, all I needed was to jot down some dots and start connecting.  KSquares is the KDE version of that great kids game.



Unless you have been on Mars for the past twenty years, you should be familiar with Mine Sweeper. Here’s the KDE Linux version.


ksudoku screenshot

KDE version of the the classic and popular puzzle / number game sudoku.



In this KDE version of the Japanese classic game Sokoban, you are a warehouse keeper trying to push crates to their proper locations in a warehouse while being stopped by obstacles and met with prizes.



Katomic is both fun and educational. If I told you that the topic of the game is molecular geometry, would you keep reading? You get to look at 2D chemical elements and mix them up, or something like that. I was having fun just looking at all the graphics. Try out the online demo version of this game.


This game is sure to keep you busy for hours. The squares on the board contain points. Players move by clicking on either a vacant square, or on their own square. Try to conquer all the squares on the board.  Simple to play, but deep in tactics and strategy.

klines (kolor lines)

klines screenshot
KLines is one of those games that you can’t put down.  It’s a one player game where you move the colored balls around the game board, gathering them into the lines of the same color by five.  Sounds easy enough?  Give it a try, you’ll be addicted!




Ever wonder how far your mouse travels each day?  Are you paying your mouse (or hand) per meter travelled?  This nifty mouse odometer may just be what you are looking for.  (Kodo means drum in Japanese.  What that has to do with kodo, I’m not sure? )  I had to download this from the Debian packages

Amor  (Amusing Misuse of Resources)

amor screenshot

Amor is not so much a game, but a cultural phenomenon.  Enjoy…



This isn’t really a game, but it’s a novelty and a heck of a lot fun.  Ever wished you could be prompted when your tea was fully steeped?  Did you know how long Earl Gray should steep vs. English Breakfast?  Well finally the KDE world has come up with the answer in KteaTime.  I’m sure this will be a big hit in the United Kingdom.  Don’t forget the milk!



This very pleasing graphical app is KDE’s world clock.  You can see what parts of the world are currently in daylight, and have all kinds of fun with setting up your favorite timezones to track.

Potato Guy  (Politically correct version – we used to call him Mr. Potato Head)

kpotato screenshot

Not so much a toy as a kids game, but I still have fun with this guy, and I have fun watching my kids play with it too.  Potato Guy is loads of fun for the younger ones.  The screenshot says it all.

Games Linux Software Reviews

20 Free KDE Linux Arcade & Board Games Reviews

Linux Games Quick Reviews

Here’s another instalment in our huge list of great free games broken out by category that you can install and enjoy on your Linux desktop.  We tested these on Slackware on a KDE desktop, but they should work on Gnome and other distros as well.  To install them, simply go to your package manager and add any or all of them to your desktop.  There’s so much free stuff out there for us to enjoy!  No bloodshed or violence here…

Arcade Games

kgoldrunner screenshot

KGoldrunner is a great maze game. It has hundreds of levels where pieces of gold must be collected, with enemies in hot pursuit.   This is the type of game we used to plunk a hunk of quarters next to the coin slot and play all day.


KBounce is a single player arcade game. It reminds me of Breakout, in a more intelligent form.  The field is surrounded by a wall, with balls that move about in the field bouncing off of the walls. The player can build new walls, etc…  I was a bit frustrated while playing, that’s probably a good thing.

kfouleggs screenshot

Kfouleggs is a Tetris type adaptation of the Japanese game Puyo-Puyo.  It includes multi-player action too.  Simple and fun.

kolf screenshot
Kolf is a miniature golf game with top down view with a large number of golf courses.

ksnakerace | ksnake
Snakerace screenshot

Your snake eats apples and tries to avoid the obstacles.  Comes with 25 levels.


kspaceduel screenshot

kspaceduel is one of those ‘shoot em up in outer space’ type of games.  Simple but effective.



The name says it all.  How much money did you spend as a kid playing asteroids at the arcade?  This is fun and nostalgic too.


How do you avoid copyright issues when you want to make a game like Tetris? You spell Tetris backwards.  Seriously though, ksirtet is a great implementation of Tetris with multiple players, world-wide scores, etc…



Another adaptation of Tetris.  It works on Debian/Slackware with KDE3. We haven’t tested this on KDE4.



Remember when Tron was sci-fi?  We used to wonder what the future would be like and Tron was our vision?  The 1980s movie helped hype the game, or was it the other way around?  Either way, it’s nostalgic.

Board Games

These board games are all great uses of ‘unused’ time.  If you are at the airport waiting for your next flight, sink into these guys and the time will fly by.



This game requires two players.  This is the Linux version of Abalone.   The object is to push 6 of your opposing player’s marbles off the board.  Abalone was voted the most popular board game in Europe.   Get yuor neighbor on a long haul flight to be your opponent, and before you know it you’ll be landing in London…



Backgammon on Linux.  Forever fun.



This is a hide and seek shoot em up game.  Kind of mixes up the metaphors, looks like strategy but with an arcade element.



Chess anyone?  This version comes with a timer, so you can pretend you are on a park bench in some inner city playing against your opponent for money and hitting the time box each time you move.  Play against a human or the computer.



Chess with an extensible board and designer kit.  Very pretty too.



Mahjongg is one of those games that once you get started you can’t stop.  I go through phases where it’s the only game i’ll play for a few weeks.  This is a nice version with all the extras you’d expect to pay for, only on Linux it’s free 🙂


Monopoly anyone? This game comes with a separate designer pack in case you fancy making your own version.  I am simply amazed at how great Linux is and the developing community that produces wonderful fun and entertainment.  Atlantik is a great game to show your kids and get them interested in the ‘programming’ process of creating their Monopoly environment, or just to play with the preset board.


You think it’s going to be another mahjongg game, bit it isn’t. Hey, when non-English speakers look at Western board games, they must think Risk and Stratego are the same thing too?  I really don’t get this game, but I’m sure that Linux users in the East are having lots of fun with it.


kfourinline screenshot

Here’s the kids favorite Connect 4.  Actually this version is simply gorgeous.  It has the eye-candy and it’s a great game too.



Othello for the rest of us.  Here’s another great game to play when you have time on your hands. Why fuss with setting up the pieces when you can play on the computer and restart just like that?

These games are all a lot of fun and sure to keep you and your kids busy, but wait, there’s more…

Next instalment of game reviews –  Card Games, Tactics, and strategy.

Education Games Linux

18 KDE Edutainment Programs – Great free Linux kids Tutors & learning tools

Free Babysitter and Tutor rolled up into one

Linux is just one of the great things that everyone should know about.  If you ever experienced one of your kids saying “Daddy, what should I do next, I’m bored”, then you’ll appreciate the great number of free and wonderful educational programs available on Linux.  The apps shown here are KDE based but should work in most if not all Linux distros and desktop environments.  My recommendation – You can install Edubuntu and get many of these apps, or if you’re just looking to add a kids ‘section’ install Kubuntu or your favorite KDE desktop (Debian, Mandriva are excellent choices, see our reviews in the Linux tools section).  Then jump over to your package manager and select these games to install.

KDE Edutainment Tools



Simple to use hangman program for kids.  Comes with a hint prompt to make it easier for the youngsters to get the correct answer.


klatin screenshot

Klatin has three parts – vocabulary, grammar and verb testing sections.   The purpose is to revise latin through translation and grammar checking.  Development has been stopped as of KDE 3.5, however we tested it to work on Gnome as well.


klettres alphabet learning snapshot

This nifty learning tool teaches you alphabet and phrases in English and these other languages as well – Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Kannada, Hindi Romanized, Low Saxon, Luganda, Spanish, Slovak and Telugu.


kanagram screenshot

This tool mixes up the letters of a word (creating an anagram), and you have to solve what was the word.  It’s a lot of fun.


kverbos screenshot

Learn Spanish and have fun at the same time.  This tool has several different options, and with over 9,000 verbs in the language database, your kids will surely be kept busy.

Kvoctrain (KDE 3.5)  KWordQuiz  (KDE 4)

kwordquiz screenshot

These tools are pretty straightforward flash card games that teach your kids spelling, verb conjugation, and vocabulary in English, French, or German. This game is also a great learning tool for businessmen and travellers who need to brush up on popular phrases before and during a vacation/business trip.


kbruch screenshot

Practice your math!  Practice calculations, fractions, algebraic formulas, conversion, and more.  This little program kept my 8th grader busy for hours.


kpercentage screenshot

Kpercentage is a nice simple tool for kids to practice their skills in calculating percentages.


kig snapshot

This program is for more advanced math students, high school (even college!) and for math teachers.  You can practice geometry, sine curves, and other things that we’ve all forgotten after passing the last test for that subject.


kmplot screenshot

For the advanced students, this math plotter has a built-in parser too with a function library too!   Plots can be printed in scale with a great degree of precision.  There are some very smart people out there…



This new geography learning tool is a great way to brush up on country capitals, political borders, flags, etc…


kturtle screenshot kturtle 2 screenshot

Kturtle is a teaching & learning environment with several modules.  Your older kids can learn how to program, math, language skills, and more, all in a fun educational interface.  The programming language skills are a great way to start your kids off on a career of programming.  The application was ported to KDE4, but some have commented that it works better in KDE 3.5.    We had no problem running it in Ubuntu/Gnome.


blinken screenshot

Let’s have some real fun!  Simon-Says…  This memory learning tool is great for the younger and older kids.


keduca screenshot

This educational tool enables teachers and parents to create tests and questionnaires with a whole assortment of helper modules.   This project was abandoned when KDE moved to 4.x, but it still works on my KDE 3.5 and on Gnome.  Get it while it’s hot.  Hey, maybe you want to continue development for this tool?


kktouch screenshot

Learn touch typing the fun way.  I wish we had (free) programs like this when I was learning how to type.  By the way, I hit 70 words on my practice test.  I think programmers generally type faster.   Well anyways, this program will help you get ahead.


kstars screenshot

Kstars is easily my favorite application from those listed on this page.  Explore the universe.  This app is best viewed in a dark room with the lights out, and a Pink Floyd tune (preferably Shine on you crazy diamond) playing in the background.  This app is billed as a KDE planeterium, and it certainly lives up to its calling.   If you look closely, you can see up 100’s of millions of stars, planets, asteroids, etc…  There are also tools for amateur astronomers such as a sky calendar, observation plans, etc…  Not to be missed!



Periodic table of elements, right on your desktop.  Very cool as a learning tool and as a reference.  How many times a day do you need to know the mass of barium and just get to the numbers fast enough!?  I also wish I had this tool while studying science in high school.

More in depth notes, screenshots, and reviews for all of these tools can be found at

Next – we’ll review about 35 free arcade, card, and board games for your KDE desktop.