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How to Make Streamripper Save UTF8 Filenames

I’m assuming you came here because you are already using Streamripper on the command line.
This fix is for those who rip streams with filenames that are not the basic character set (Not English).

If you are seeing ripped file names that look like this øòåú çï – áùãä éøå÷.mp3 then here is the solution:

On the linux command line, use the following directive:

streamripper (source stream) --codeset-metadata=iso-8859-8

In the metadata= example above, I included the iso character set for Hebrew.

If you are ripping a different language, you will replace the metaada set with the language of the stream source.
For example, the latin codeset for popular European languages is ISO-8859-1
See Here for more info on iso codesets.

If you are using a right-to-left character set, like Hebrew or Arabic, the filename may appear backwards as it is ripping onto your console. Check the directory of the freshly minted files to make sure the files are being saved with their correct and legible names.

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