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How to Copy Files to AWS EC2 Server From Windows PC With Command Prompt

If you run AWS servers from a Windows PC, you need an easy way to transfer files up and back from your work desktop to the server and back.

Linux users have the ease of native SSH tools such as SCP built in to their command tool utilities, and Windows users want the same flexibility.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be transferring files in a flash.

1.  Get PSCP
Download the Putty tool PSCP (Putty SCP) for secure file transfer on Windows.  This is a freeware tool.

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Windows 7 Has Bigger Market Share Than All Linux Flavors Combined

Face it, we live in a Windows world.  The Windows 7 OS has been on shelves for nearly two weeks, and according to various reports, it already has taken a 2% market share of all installed OS in the world.

By comparison, Linux OS, in all its flavors and variations, holds less than a 2% market share of installed OS.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better…

Read our review of Windows 7 Ultimate and see why we think it is a lot like Linux OS.


Windows 7 Upgrade From Dell – Order Now

If you bought a laptop or computer from Dell after June 26, 2009 and it was installed with Windows Vista, you may be qualified to to a free upgrade to Windows 7.

Dell had said they would email users with information on when Windows 7 was available.  Since Microsoft released Windows 7 last week, I thought I’d check on the Dell – Windows 7 Upgrade page to see if there were any updates.  Although they aren’t advertising it on their website, if you log in now, you can order the upgrade DVD.

I ordered the DVD today (totally free) and received a confirmation email that the order was in process, but was not given an estimated ship date yet.

If you live inside the US, shipping will most likely be free.   I have heard that users in Europe were paying upwards to $20 for shipping, which is still a lot cheaper than buying a retail upgrade.

For more information, go to

Be sure to have your laptop or computer handy, as you will need to enter your serial number.


New Vista PC buyers to get free upgrade to Windows 7

Microsoft listens to Market Concerns

A day after announing a 50% pre-release sale on Windows 7,  Microsoft is now offering a free upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 for purchases made until the expected October release.  Information Week Article

Read our Review of Windows 7 Ultimate Here
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Windows 7 Ultimate Screenshots Review – A lot like Linux

Is it Windows or Linux?

Let’s take a look at the latest Windows 7 Ultimate RC.  After spending some time with it, the bells started ringing.  It became quite evident that they were recreating the best elements of Linux while reversing some of the confusion created in Vista.  As a matter of fact, the widgets look like direct copies of KDE 4.x plasma desktop.

What’s new in Windows 7

Windows 7 does a much better job of presenting video and images than any previous version of Windows, and it’s centrally designed and fully upgraded Windows Media Player organizes all your various media into one location.  The aggregation of media is surely Windows 7’s finest feature and is far superior to any competing product in that space.

The installation was painless, so let’s get right to the desktop and sees what’s cooking…

Nice clean desktop with many options

There is a large assortment of desktop images and eye-popping screen saver themes to choose from.  You do not have to download ‘extras’ as in the past.  You simply go to the desktop configuration applet (similar to Gnome or KDE on Linux) and choose the elements of the theme that you want to replace.

Windows 7 Desktop
Windows 7 Desktop

I downloaded and installed Irfan, the great freeware graphics program.  Windows 7 popped up with a warning notification that this application I was about to install wanted to modify registry information.  The rest of the screen went dark to draw attention to this Yes/No decision of going forward or not.  That’s a good security feature.

Windows 7 Security in action
Windows 7 Security in action

Sticky Notes – borrowed from Linux

Usually I’ll get a phone call and will need to jot something down. I’m always looking for a pen on my real desktop.  Now, with sticky notes you’ll never have to jostle again.  Thanks to Sticky Notes, you just type something on to your Windows Desktop, and there it will stay until you make it go away.  This is a great feature for Windows enthusiasts.  Linux users will be less impressed since we’ve had Tomboy Notes and the like for many years.

Sticky Notes (A nice Linux feature import)
Sticky Notes (A nice Linux feature import)

Calculator, Screen Capture


The calculator got a bit of a face lift.  Notice that scientific looking Zero…  Then of course Windows 7 adds the extremely useful (and baked into Linux for many generations) Screen Capture utility.  It works well, and I am glad they finally added it into the basic toolset.

Windows 7 ships (so far) with IE8.  Since you are already probably using IE8, there’s not much new to report there.  IE8 does give a good preview of the design and centralization of Windows 7.

The Newly Revamped Windows Media Player

It’s gorgeous eye candy, and it’s functional too.  This is the crown in the jewels of the new Windows OS.  Microsoft has captured all the media related elements of the OS into a cohesive entertainment center that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful too.  The thumbnails barely do justice to the beauty and ease with which you glide from TV to Videos to images to music to live entertainment guides and more.

windows7-5 windows7-6 windows7-7

windows7-8 windows7-9 windows7-11

Mirosoft Widgets Look like KDE 4.2 Plasma

Microsoft lets you widgetize your desktop and pull elements from the Media Player on to a separate and smaller widget.  Look at the TV listings widget below.  Does this not cry KDE 4.2 Plasma?  I wonder who dreamed up the plasma look first?  The folks at KDE or Microsoft.  I also wonder if there isn’t a patent infringement somewhere in the offing?


Windows Libraries (aka Explorer)

Nicely organized, slightly updated look, still Vista-looking, and essentially the same functionality as from XP.


KDE or Windows?

Is it just me, or does this new tab menu interface borrow a lot from Linux KDE?



Windows Power Shell

Finally we have something to sink our programming teeth into.  The power shell combines many of the best shell and terminal commands from Linux into the Windows command line utility.  Notice the ls and dir work here.



This is still an early review and Microsoft is still tweaking elements before the actual release of Windows 7 scheduled for next year.  Clearly they are on the right track.  By combining many of the best of Linux, side-stepping the potholes of Vista, and fusing the Media Player as a central ‘meeting spot’ on the desktop, Microsoft will reclaim its glory with Windows 7.

Note – we have mostly focused on the visual and functional elements for this review.  There are many enhanced security features, that we have not reviewed, which Microsoft touts as a major reason to move to the new OS.