AWS Important Money Saving Tips

Amazon’s virtual web server platform has grown to one of the largest server providers in the world.
Many businesses and individuals, from Netflix, the US Govt, down to little shops with one tiny server running.

If you are using AWS Amazon Web Services, you should be familiar with their costing structure. The greatest benefit of AWS’s cloud server business is that you only pay for what you use.
Each server, service, feature, etc… has its own associated cost per minute use as defined on their AWS Simple Monthly Calculator.

I’ve been using AWS for nearly 7 years, as an ‘early adopter’ and have learned over time, several easy ways to avoid spending unnecessary money with them (notice that I didn’t write ‘ways to save money’).

1. Disassociate Unused Elastic IPs.  See graphic below.

There is no additional cost to attach an Elastic IP to each server you have running on AWS.  However, if you stop the server, and leave the Elastic IP “running” without deleting it from your account, you will be paying for it indefinitely.  AWS doesn’t remind you that you have un-attached Elastic IPs.

Each non-attached Elastic IP is costing you $3.66 per month  (that’s almost $45/year per IP address).

For example, each dev server that you turn on and off as needed.  If you have an Elastic IP set for each server, and if you stop that server, you will be paying for the non-attached Elastic IP.

So next time you turn off a dev server, if you don’t need an elastic IP associated to it, best to remove it, or you will be paying just to keep the address available to you.

More money saving tips on the way, stay tuned…

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