Windows 7 Upgrade From Dell – Order Now

If you bought a laptop or computer from Dell after June 26, 2009 and it was installed with Windows Vista, you may be qualified to to a free upgrade to Windows 7.

Dell had said they would email users with information on when Windows 7 was available.  Since Microsoft released Windows 7 last week, I thought I’d check on the Dell – Windows 7 Upgrade page to see if there were any updates.  Although they aren’t advertising it on their website, if you log in now, you can order the upgrade DVD.

I ordered the DVD today (totally free) and received a confirmation email that the order was in process, but was not given an estimated ship date yet.

If you live inside the US, shipping will most likely be free.   I have heard that users in Europe were paying upwards to $20 for shipping, which is still a lot cheaper than buying a retail upgrade.

For more information, go to

Be sure to have your laptop or computer handy, as you will need to enter your serial number.

1 thought on “Windows 7 Upgrade From Dell – Order Now”

  1. I also ordered Win 7 last week on the Dell site, even though they hadn’t sent me the email reminder yet.
    I just got confirmation that it was shipped on Thursday!

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