Windows 7 Has Bigger Market Share Than All Linux Flavors Combined

Face it, we live in a Windows world.  The Windows 7 OS has been on shelves for nearly two weeks, and according to various reports, it already has taken a 2% market share of all installed OS in the world.

By comparison, Linux OS, in all its flavors and variations, holds less than a 2% market share of installed OS.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better…

Read our review of Windows 7 Ultimate and see why we think it is a lot like Linux OS.

3 thoughts on “Windows 7 Has Bigger Market Share Than All Linux Flavors Combined”

  1. Windows 7 software too expensive to update, windows is worthless it wasnt thought of by me no matter what microsoft come out with hate it

  2. You are really not seeing the whole picture with your 2% comment. If you look at all the servers running Linux you know it is far more than 2%, in fact it probably easily exceeds 50%. In fact the Internet as we know it would not exist without Linux and especially Unix and BSD. It was from BSD that the software that enables Windows to network was derived.

    Also in order for some sites to cooperate with the users installed browser it was common practice to report you OS as Windows even when running I have to ask how they arrived at the 2% figure. I for one have installed and run 7 and always come back to Ubuntu.

  3. Dale,

    Thanks for your comments!

    The article above doesn’t make a distinction between servers and desktops. Apache/Linux are installed on over 90% of web servers worldwide (look on wikipedia for the actual stats, it’s amazing).
    When it comes to desktops, however, the world clearly hasn’t seen favor in Linux. Windows, for whatever reasons, and factors, still remains the desktop OS of choice.
    I myself am a Linux OS enthusiast and hard-core user. See the reviews on this site and you’ll see my appreciation and devotion to Linux. Yet again, whenever I need to interface with the corporate world, some “gotcha” usually requires me to pull out my Windows laptop.

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