Top 5 Trends and Key Learnings at Affiliate Summit West 2011 Las Vegas

The Affiliate Summit West was held last week in Las Vegas at the Wynn Resort and had nearly 5,000 attendees. This is _the_ place where affiliate internet marketers meet to learn about the latest industry trends and to meet with new and existing marketing partners. The conference included an expo and “meet market” where dozens of network and affiliate vendors exhibited and shared information about their services. Many of those attending shmoozed in the halls with impromptu networking opportunities.

The conference also showcased some of the industry’s leading talents in educational classes on a wide variety of subjects on the latest trends including: SEO in 2011, Mobile marketing, Affiliate marketing consolidation, Search Localization, Analytics, Monetization optimization, Conversion optimization, and regulatory changes in the marketplace.

I attended many of the classes and feverishly wrote down a torrent of notes that I have compiled into key learnings from the event. I’ll share here just the headlines, and therefore, here’s your one-minute review to the top five key trends at Affiliate Summit West 2011.

1. OS targeting. Vary the content based on the user’s computer platform.  Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac users have different experiences than the typical Windows user.

2. Google’s Local search. Get to know your keywords.  Search is changing, are you prepared?

3. Prepare a media kit. Make it easy for potential advertisers to offer to place ads on your website.

4. Trend Analytics. Always measure your website against your website’s trend over time. Don’t worry about “industry” percentages.

5. “What’s in it for Me?” That’s the only thing on the user’s mind as he reads your website page.  If you ignore this fact, your business will suffer.

Each of these headlines relate to much longer discussions. I highly recommend to those of you just getting started in affiliate marketing to check out the Affiliate Summit website, and to plan on attending the next event.  It was definitely worth my time and investment to attend.  You will get a crash course in just two days and meet the industry’s stars face to face.

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