Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps April 2010

Here’s this month’s must have list of the best of iPhone and iPod Apps:
Unless otherwise noted, all apps mentioned here are FREE (requires iTunes for download).

Must Have Apps for April 2010
With over 200,000 active iPod and iPhone apps, there’s nearly an endless selection of tools and toys for every occasion. We’ve scoured the iPhone apps directories and tested many hundreds of tools. Here’s our top ten list of must-have iPhone apps for April 2010.

iPhone and iPad Suitable
We chose apps that are suitable and work well on both Apple iPhones and iPads. These apps will add to your iPhone experience, and are in addition to the great set of apps that Apple includes with your purchased device.

The apps listed here require you to have an iTunes account and you must download them from the Apps tool on your Apple device or from your PC or Mac’s iTunes. Most of these apps are free. The paid apps will include their cost in the description.  Use the iTunes links below for easy installation to your device.

This is the best dang computer game in the history of the world.  It has provided many millions of people thousands of hours of good ole’ bubble crushin’ fun.  Now you can have it on your iPhone/iPad free!

iBubble Shooter

2. Live Cams  iTunes Download Link A Picture says a thousand words.  This neat app lets you see thousands of live webcams from around the world.  It sheepishly makes me feel voyeuristic, if you know what I mean. Many of the webcams can even be controlled by you from your Apple Device.  That’s Neat! You can search by city, name, country, themes, etc… There are also built in categories – such as beaches, people, traffic cams, airports, etc…

Live Cams

3. CoolIris  iTunes Free Download Link

CoolIris is a cool search engine that returns images and videos from all over the web and from many sources (fully customizable).  You can play videos from most major videos sites directly from this app.  The results display is sort of 3D and very unique.

4. CNBC RT iTunes Free Download Link

My favorite business news source on the web, period.  The news tends to be USA focused, but it includes very in depth tabs for all the major world market indicies, and videos and news of the latest happenings on Wall Street and in Washington.   Another nice feature is that it can send your alerts when there’s breaking news, so you won’t miss a beat even when you don’t have this app open.

CNBC Real Time News

5. Facebook iTunes Free Download Link

Yes, Facebook is everywhere.  It’s even on all of your Apple devices, and it looks fabulous.  Plus, every post you make will say “from mobile device”, which is trey-cool.

6. 5-0 Radio iTunes Download Link

This is another nifty app.  You can listen to emergency scanner channels from all over the world (Police, Fire, Ambulance, etc…) .  This app is constantly being improved by the developers, and they are adding new features regularly.

5-0 Scanner

7. Wunder Radio iTunes Download Link

This is certainly one of my favorite Apple Apps.  They’ve put the whole world’s live radio stations (over 20,000) into an easy search engine and lets you play any channel stream from your Apple device.   What’s more, if you have an XM Radio subscription, you can listen to those channels as well.  Very nicely done.

Wunder Radio

8. AIM Free iTunes Free Download Link

The best and easiest way to live message IM chat on your Apple device. It works like a charm.

9. Speed Test iTunes Free Download Link

If you’re like me, you’ll want to know how fast your internet connection is.  This neat tool lets you run a quick test, and reports back your connection download and upload speed, and compares to others in your vicinity.

10. Flixster iTunes Free Download Link

Flixster is the mother load of all movie information, trailer previews, reviews, local information about what movies are playing near you and at what times. This is a great app for deciding what movie to watch next.

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