Top 10 Must Have iPod iPhone Apps February 2010

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Must Have Apps 2010
With over 200,000 active iPod and iPhone apps, there’s nearly an endless selection of tools and toys for every occasion. We’ve scoured the iPhone apps directories and tested many hundreds of tools. Here’s our top ten list of must-have iPhone apps for January 2010.

iPhone and iPad Suitable
We chose apps that are suitable and work well on both Apple iPhones and iPads. These apps will add to your iPhone experience, and are in addition to the great set of apps that Apple includes with your purchased device.

The apps listed here require you to have an iTunes account and you must download them from the Apps tool on your Apple device or from your PC or Mac’s iTunes.  Most of these apps are free.  The paid apps will include their cost in the description.

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Top Ten Must Have iPhone iPod Apps

General News
1. NPR News – Free
iTunes Download
National Public Radio is everywhere.  Thanks to this nifty app, you can listen to all NPR Radio stations live streaming from your iPhone.  You can also browse news stories by category and queue up your favorite programs on demand.  With this app, you can also save your favorite channels.  One of my favorite features it to click on a news story and select the audio playback of the story to be read to me.  NPR’s App is also integrated nicely with email to send to your favorite stories to your friends.  The written stories along with live streaming audio makes this a must-have for any news junky, or even if you just want to keep up with what’s happening.

2. NY Times – Free iTunes Download
New York Times Company has produced the gold standard for all iPhone apps.  The look and feel of this app is stylish with very easy to navigate buttons that take you to your selected categories.  The app updates with the latest news each time you launch the player.  The orientation of the news articles switch to landscape when you turn the device on its side.    This app also makes it easy to send articles to friends via email.  We’d like to see more content than just a few articles from today, but the overall experience is great.  Rumor has it that NY Times will begin charging to use this app in 2011.  Meanwhile, let’s all enjoy it for free.

Social Entertainment
3. Facebook – Free
iTunes Download
Facebook is on iPhones.  ‘Nuff said.  Truly, this is one of the great iPhones apps in ease of use and navigation.  Unlike the myriad of Twitter tools, this Facebook app was written by the folks at Facebook.  You’re getting the real thing here.  I guess if you’re a FB’er (which by now, most internet users are), you will want to download this app pronto with your new device.

Live Radio
4. CBS Radio App – Free  iTunes Download
This incredible free app includes dozens (over 100 at last count) of live CBS affiliate radio stations around the country.  It also includes Yahoo’s radio network, and AOL’s radio network too.  This app features a very simple to use browse tool to find your station.  You can choose by city & genre, and see your recent history.  You can even search for stations near you (provided that you allow Apple to announce your location.  The channels stream live and the broadcast quality is quite good.  I especially like choosing AOL stations by genre.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for a Bebop Jazz session, or maybe 1990’s Alternative Rock channel.  It’s all there, free, and easy to use.  This would easily be one of my first downloads on any new Apple device.   Download Link from iTunes

5. AIM Free
iTunes Download
AT&T had to think twice about this.  Would you still send SMS if you can chat for free with all your AIM buddies on iPhone?  Fortunately for us, this instant messenger works great on G3 and on Wi-Fi as well.  The app is a bit cumbersome at first, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.   I do wish they had better support for emoticons, and the push tool (notification when you get an IM from someone while you aren’t actively in the app) is a bit hokey.  Still, the functionality is great, and you can’t beat the price!

Make Your Own Music
6. NLogFree  Free  iTunes Download

Friends, this is one of those you have to see it to believe it.  Download the free version of this app and you’ll be making New Age or synth-pop music in no time.  The staggering amount of preset sounds and ways to manipulate the music as you’re playing the keyboard is simply fantastic.  They offer a paid version as well – but why not try the free one first?

7. ESPN Sports Score Center  Free iTunes Download
If you’re a sports junky like me, you’ll want the scores and news stories to all your favorite teams in the palm of your hands.  ESPN Score Center delivers, however, there are many other sports apps out there that do a good job as well.  I love ESPN, so I chose this app.  This interface is a bit off-putting at first.  Each sport is confined to its own screen.  If you don’ t  like the feel of this puppy, give a shake to USA Today’s news app, which includes an admirable sports and scores section as well.

8. CNBC RT (Real Time)  Free
iTunes Download
A gem of an app.  Imagine a mobile device giving you free real time quotes?  On top of the financial market center, of which CNBC is arguably the leader, they also offer a push alert service when breaking news happens.  There’s also a great selection of today’s top videos.  I enjoy watching the daily recap, and especially Jim Kramer’s Mad Money segments.  This is a must-have for any financially-savvy user.

9. Live Cams (Barry Egerter) Not Free
iTunes Download
Maybe it’s voyeristic, but there’s something so cool about watching live webcams from around the world streaming into your mobile device.   In an instant you are in Japan, Australia, and the grocery store in downtown Passaic, New Jersey.  This neat app offers a customizable screen by category or pulls up  random live webcams from around the world.  You see them in a grid of 12 on a screen.  By clicking on the little icon image (which itself is updating in real time), you are taken to a full screen view of the webcam.  What’s more, many of the webcams allow you to control the video by actually moving the camera angle, pitch, and zoom.  I really enjoyed moving around a camera on street scene in downtown Tokyo, and then manipulated a camera on Broadway and 46th street in Manhattan.  Loads of fun for a few dollars.  Highly recommended.

Online Books
10. Stanza  Free iTunes Download
Who needs a kindle?  Well, maybe you do need one, but you have the iPhone or iPod for now.  This neat free tool allows you to download for free many dozens of online books, mostly of the classics, but also some useful how-to and programming manuals.  They also link in with major book sellers for purchasing an online version of your favorite current authors.

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  3. Thanks for sharing the top ten list, I’m having five of these on my iPhone and I’ll be taking the rest soon!

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