Linux – Convert Videos to Creative Vision Player

I love my Creative Vision W Player. It was built to last. The problem is that there’s no software provided by Creative that supports converting video files – such as flv from Youtube, Myspace, Megavideo, and elsewhere – to your Creative Player from Linux.

Here’s the tool that I use to easily convert all FLV and AVI files to the format that Creative players require.
mencoder is a great conversion tool.
You can install it with this command sudo apt-get install mencoder

The manual is thick, but have no fear, the command below works every time.

mencoder -ovc xvid -oac copy -xvidencopts bitrate=687 -o

The command essentially copies the video to a size and bitrate that is accepted by your player.

If you are missing the required codecs for xvid, you can get them here.

OK, you’ve got the file in the perfect AVI format. Next, you’ll need to copy it over to your player.
I use Gnomad. It works fine in Kubuntu and in Gnome Ubuntu. Unfortunately, it’s not in the Ubuntu repository.
You can get information on how to download Gnomad2 here. You may need to also download libmtp and libnjb. The instructions are at that link as well.