Windows 7 Upgrade From Dell – Order Now

If you bought a laptop or computer from Dell after June 26, 2009 and it was installed with Windows Vista, you may be qualified to to a free upgrade to Windows 7.

Dell had said they would email users with information on when Windows 7 was available.  Since Microsoft released Windows 7 last week, I thought I’d check on the Dell – Windows 7 Upgrade page to see if there were any updates.  Although they aren’t advertising it on their website, if you log in now, you can order the upgrade DVD.

I ordered the DVD today (totally free) and received a confirmation email that the order was in process, but was not given an estimated ship date yet.

If you live inside the US, shipping will most likely be free.   I have heard that users in Europe were paying upwards to $20 for shipping, which is still a lot cheaper than buying a retail upgrade.

For more information, go to

Be sure to have your laptop or computer handy, as you will need to enter your serial number.

Google Chrome OS + Monta Vista = Windows Killer?

Instant-On – 1 second boot

As we reported last week, Monta Vista has devised a way to boot Linux in 1 second.  Dell and others are working on a joint-project “Instant-On” which will boot their laptops in one second using Linux OS.   Dell Latitude ON is already available with Instant-On to bypass Windows and give users instant access to Email and other important apps.

Google has stated on its blog that it aims to give users easy and quick access to the tools they need – e.g. internet browsing and email, from its new Chrome OS.  Could Instant-On developers, such as DeviceXM and Phoenix Technologies be working with Google now to include their technologies in the new OS?

Windows Killer?

Clearly Google has a great opportunity here to catapult the Linux OS into the forefront as a real contender for favorite OS.  Microsoft’s advantage as the default OS shipped with laptops and netbooks can be challenged if Dell, HP, and others continue to give more attention to Instant-On technology coupled with the Linux OS.  If the Google marketing muscle can wrestle away a portion of the laptop segment to their new Chrome OS, 2010 could be a watershed year for PC users.