Schiphol Airport Wifi – Use Boingo

Here’s a tip that will save you money!  If you are ever travelling through Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and have time on your hands, you will probably want to hook up to their Wifi service for internet browsing on your laptop.

If you sign up for their KPN service, a daily pass costs 16 EUR (~$18).  Instead, connect with your laptop to the KPN wireless network, then open a browser.  You will be redirected to the KPN sign in page.  However, it prompts you if have already have a username, and if so, for what service.

You can choose from a list of wireless service providers, which includes Boingo.  Many US travellers already have a Boingo Account, and you can access the internet using that account.  If you need to create an account, a one day pass on Boingo is $9.95.  That’s approx. a 40% savings over using the airport’s KPN service.