Get Adsense Stats Even when Google Site is Down for Maintenance

Q. I have a Google Adsense account. Google occasionally shuts down for maintenance. During this time, usually four hours, all access reports if off. I’m left with no way of knowing how my website is performing. What do I do?

A. Google continues tallying ad clicks on your website, even if you can’t see them on your adsense account while the system is down. High volume websites sometimes make adjustments on the fly if things aren’t working well, or to respond to fast-changing.

Here’s a little known trick to see your stats even when Adsense is down…
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PPC Revenues Advice – Clickers Are More Likely To Click

A recent study of the actions of over 11 million impressions found something very useful to website owners and bloggers.

People who search by clicking the button on Google’s homepage are fifty percent more likely to go on to click an ad than people who search by any other Google means, according to online ad network Chitika. The study, which looked at just over 11 million impressions, shines a light on the possibility and importance of being able to predict web users’ activity.

Meaning, if your goal is to get users to click on ads on your site, you better pay attention to how they are coming to you.

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The days of building a better mousetrap or more useful information site are over. If you need PPC revenues to support your website activities (meaning, you aren’t blogging for a hobby), you need to understand the psychology of the user and what gives her incentive to click on the ads on your site. This study concludes that someone who clicks earlier in the chain of reaching your site, is more likely to click when they get to your site. Does that mean that direct users, folks who come to you by directly typing your website’s URL, are no longer needed?