Samurai Linux – Review Screenshots – Web Testing Framework

Samurai Linux – Testing for security, penetration, and reconnaissance

The Samurai distro is available as a Live CD and it comes with the a gob of testing tools for security and applications.  Samurai is Gnome-based and has a pleasant, yet simple, interface.  The real wealth of this distro is in the number of security and testing related apps pre-installed.

Reconnaissance Tools Fierce domain scanner and Maltego.

Mapping Tools WebScarab and ratproxy.

Discovery Tools w3af and burp.

Exploitation BeEF, AJAXShell, etc…

Th Live CD comes with a pre-configured wiki that you can set up to be the central information store during your pen-test.

The Gnome Menu creation tool is installed, so you can rearrange the menus to your own liking.

Wine is also pre-installed with none other than the venerable Windows Notepad.  Interesting.


If you are doing extensive app security testing, or like to hack in your spare time, this distro is what dreams are made of.  If you are look for eye-popping graphics and nifty graphics, try a different flavor of Linux.

Gallery of Samurai Linux Screen Shots







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