Puppy Linux – Puppy Arcade 5 Super Fast Game Emulator

Puppy Arcade – Have your Puppy Linux and Play Games too (with awesome speed)!
We’ve been singing the praises of Puppy Linux (Review) for some time now. We love to hear about applications and new ways to use this great and fast linux distribution.

Scott Jarvis sent us info on his just released Puppy Arcade 5, a Puppy Linux flavor with a retro video game emulation based on TurboPup Xtreme (arguably the fastest Puppy derivative). Thanks to Scott, you can now download the Puppy distro along with a ton of game emulators. These tiny game emulators, such as Amiga, Atari, Nintendo, and many others, are very suitable for a compact distro like Puppy. Many of the emulators were written over 20 years ago, but they still serve up a good time. This is an especially great experience for those of us who lived through the “Frogger” days.

Download & Installation
Puppy Arcade is currently available from two mirrors. You can find the mirror links here. Similar to Puppy Linux, Puppy Arcade is a slim 109MB download. I experienced a slow download time from both mirrors, but your mileage may vary.
The bootup and installation is quick and painless. Much of the installation is the same as Puppy Linux, since Puppy Arcade is essentially a platform for gaming consoles on a standard Puppy Linux distribution.
See our Puppy Linux review for more specifics on the installation, but suffice to say that it is painless and very quick. Once the Puppy is loaded, it is running totally in RAM. Folks, once you’ve run your OS in RAM, you’ll never want to go back!
Puppy Linux can easily be loaded on to a USB disk. I know of several computer pros who walk around with their computers in their shirt pocket (without the protector…).

What’s New & What’s Missing
In order to make room for the added gaming emulators, the browser was swapped with the equally-able Firedog browser (based on Firefox). Likewise, other tools are included to support the emulator library.
The desktop comes with a nifty top menu for easy selection of your favorite game emulator.

No Games Included
No actual game roms are included, just the emulators. However, they do provide links to the top websites where you can find roms in abundance. (Note: We do not endorse use of any of these games without legal license to play them). We assume that these roms are either in the public domain, or that you have to licensed or purchased them for your personal use.
Scott’s website does a good job of explaining how to get the most from your emulated game experience, and we recommend that you check out the examples given there.


Puppy Linux - Puppy Arcade

We love Puppy Linux in every form. Puppy is fast and light on its feet. The addition of games is a fun way to take advantage of the nimble Puppy platform. If you are a fan of 80’s style arcade games, Puppy Arcade is probably the best platform for you. Running your games in RAM, without ever touching a hard drive, will be a cinch with the ease of Puppy Linux.

If you are new to Linux and want to experience the sheer speed and fool-proof power of Linux, Puppy is the way to go!

8 thoughts on “Puppy Linux – Puppy Arcade 5 Super Fast Game Emulator”

  1. This about the only way to play games, by using emulators. Till someone steps up and comes up with a solution that will increase the amount of “real native Linux” games (and I don’t mean just multi-player shooters and ones that were created five years ago), I guess this will have to do.

    Me, I’ll stick with Windows till I see Linux start to get serious about this.

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  3. apart from a small handfull of amiga games i can get nothing to work on this specially mame … and a very sorry absence of any thing approaching decent guidance on how to set up i tried all the mame setups and not one would recognise a rom as downloaded….??????

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