Knoppix 6.01 Quick Review – KDE Alternative to Kubuntu

I’m reviewing KDE distros of Linux as part of my ongoing series, searching for a replacement to Kubuntu, which I have been running for three years but decided to leave after their upgrade to KDE 4.x

Knoppix 6.01 Live CD

Knoppix 6.01 is running LXDE, that’s a good start in my opinion.  I remember using a much earlier version of Knoppix about 8 years ago as a Live CD version of Linux.  It was one of the first (correct me if I’m wrong) to push the outer limit of Linux distros and show that you can run an OS from a CD.

Having not used Knoppix in so many years, it was quite nostalgic to hear the nice lady say “initiating startup sequence”, like a 1950s sci-fi TV show.  The OS loaded rather quickly and once the KDE main window was up, the CD stopped churning and it didn’t churn again through the entire review.  They probably have the best memory-load of the live-cd distros.

Annoying Animation Effect

Someone made a design decision to make the windows and menus have animation.  It was cute for about one second.  No more.  Obviously, this is a configuration option that one could change, but why would you include that as a default?  How many people, regardless of age, really want their Firefox browser exploding into blocks when they close the window?  I set a capture screen on delay so you can see what I’m writing about.

Knoppix 6.01 Screen Shots

Knoppix Main Screen

Knoppix 6.01 Animated Window Close
Knoppix 6.01 Animated Window Close

The desktop itself came with no other major surprises. The software selection was a bit different than I’ve seen in other distros.  They had Gnome mplayer as the default music tool.  Gimp was included, as well as Open Office, and Korganizer.

When I shut down the CD, the nice lady said “Initiating Shutdown Sequence”.

Well, I’ve already left Kubuntu.  So far, Mandrive has shown promise.  Knoppix is not for me.  Onward the search for a replacement continues …

5 thoughts on “Knoppix 6.01 Quick Review – KDE Alternative to Kubuntu”

  1. Yea, this is an OLD discussion, but in case someone else comes looking for the answer:

    Compiz (or Compiz Fusion if you prefer) is the windows manager on recent releases of Knoppix (including 7.0.5, which is what I’m using presently). I’m in absolute agreement that having it enabled by default is annoying as all getup (try using an app that pops up autocomplete lists and have them blow up when they automatically close as you type). It completely cheapens the experience. If I want a cheap computing experience, I’ll go install Windows 8.

    (start)>Preferences>CompizConfig Settings Manager

    (or invoke ‘ccsm’ if you’d rather not try to find this in the menu since things are moved around between releases)

    Once in there, go to EFFECTS and disable the annoying stuff.

    If you’re booting from the disc and not saving config to a USB stick, you’ll have to do that each time you boot.

    At boot, you can specify “no3d” as a parm to knoppix, and Compiz won’t even be loaded. Generate a fresh disc with that parm and you won’t have to do anything to declutter your experience.

    To manually muck around, on a running system, look in:

    the Default.ini is the settings which are applied – either save your home dir to a USB stick or HD, or prepare to copy this from a USB stick you mount after starting. If all goes well, compiz will auto-load the changed config file (the screen may flicker for a moment). Otherwise, invoke:

    killall -HUP compiz

    to cause it to reload the config.
    (or ‘compiz –replace &’ to re-run it, replacing the active one)

    Worth note: in a VM, compiz is not loaded by default, which is a blessing. I use Knoppix as a rescue/tool disc regularly, but it’s also handy to load the ISO in a VM to have a Linux environment within say a Mac OS X system…

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