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Omar Coffee

For more than 80 years, the Omar Coffee Company has used proprietary slow-roasting methods to provide New England with the finest, freshest coffees.

Omar Coffee Website
Omar Coffee Website Design


The company has a heritage as rich as their coffees, and the website tells their story through collages of historical photos. A classic, consistent color pallet helps underscore their brand.

  • American Graphic Design Award: Website Design
Omar Coffee Omar Coffee


A clean, organized online store built with WooCommerce makes it easy to find and purchase your favorite coffee variety on the Omar Coffee website.

Omar Coffee emails Layouts

Custom Email Designs

Each month, we design and build several marketing emails to promote seasonal and limited-time coffee flavors, offer coupons, and highlight company news.

Omar Coffee Product Photography

Product Photography

To ensure eye-catching and engaging imagery in Omar’s online store, we provided photography and photo processing for a variety of products.

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