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Incorporating a colorful palette and strong, simplified icon treatments, the Public Art CT logo highlights and unifies the different subjects in its catalog—from notable architecture to memorial sculptures to modern art installations.

Public Art CT Secondary Logos

Secondary Logos

A flexible horizontal treatment allows the logo to be used with the choice of a relevant icon. The simple text treatment and bright color palette ensure the logo retains brand identity across the variety of options.

Public Art CT Icon System

Icon System

Three different versions of each icon—detailed, simplified, and knockout—provide flexibility for different applications such as merchandise or large-scale print.

Public Art CT Pages


Colorful layouts and strong imagery help make the Public Art CT web design engaging. Essentially a custom application, the responsive website functions smoothly and looks great on screens of all sizes.

Public Art CT Wireframes


To plot out the user experience, wireframes were drawn up early in the project. These provided an overarching guide to the advanced mapping, tours, catalog management, editing, and filtering tools within the site.

Public Art CT Mobile Layouts

Mobile Tours

Tours are one of the most important functions of the site. Visitors on desktop computers can take a virtual tour, while the feature walks mobile users from one stop on the tour to the next, complete with distances and directions for nearby artwork sites.

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