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Southern Connecticut Tackle Logo


Exposure developed a new logo with updated fonts and colors, subtly incorporating a fish hook and a fish head.

Southern Connecticut Tackle Logo Concepts

Alternate Logo Concepts

During the logo design process, we explored and developed a variety of concepts to create a recognizable brand identity for SC Tackle.

SC Tackle Design


The website serves two distinct audiences: potential customers and authorized dealers. The public-facing side of the website shows potential customers the products they carry, while a login area lets authorized dealers place orders online.

Southern Connecticut Tackle eCommerce Page - Reels
Southern Connecticut Tackle eCommerce Page - Big Game
Southern Connecticut Tackle eCommerce Page - International VI Single Speed


A robust ecommerce platform streamlines the wholesale experience for SC Tackle’s authorized dealers. They can browse and filter thousands of products, save items for later, mark items as favorites, and submit orders online.

Southern Connecticut Tackle Catalog Generator Tool

Catalog Generator

Authorized dealers can use this tool to generate their own PDF catalog from the online store’s categories and products, then edit it as needed.

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