I’m Back with Kubuntu Linux (and Happy as Ever)

It was an uneasy breakup.  Kubuntu and I had parted about two months ago rather abruptly after I had installed 9.02.   After a nearly four year love affair between us, I felt that I had been jaded.  The new KDE 4.1 Plasma desktop was awkward and things just didn’t seem right.

Numerous crashes.  Not knowing where things went.  Applications acting strange.  It was as though I had returned from a vacation to my home and all the rooms had been redecorated.  After much soul-searching and investigation, I decided not to leave the Ubuntu “family” just yet, but to forsake KDE (as I felt they had forsaken me with Plasma) and to move to Gnome with Ubuntu.

From the get-go, Ubuntu seemed familiar and easy to use.  All the elements were in the right place.   It was as though the stars had aligned.  I was happy again as a Linux user.  I was sold on Ubuntu.  I wrote off KDE and Kubuntu.  Sure, there were plenty of pleasant KDE implementations, many better than Kubuntu, like Mandriva and SUSE.  Even Mepis 8.0, with it’s KDE 3.5 was appealing.  But, I had decided to stay with Ubuntu.  It was inertia, and it felt fine.

After about a month of using Ubuntu on Gnome, the cracks in the foundation started appearing.  Where was Klipper!  Amarok didn’t work well.  The Gnome tools felt different than KDE.  The Alsa sound drivers were having problems all the time.  Come to think of it, I missed KDE…

So, after two months, I’m back with Kubuntu.  This time, I’ve installed KDE 4.2.  Many of the kinks of the original Plasma version have been worked out.  I’ve been reunited with all my favorite KDE apps in their native desktop environment.  Even the sound card is working again.  I’m happy to be back.  The only real holdover from my Gnome days is Evolution.  I’ve left Kmail, and for now have taken a real liking to Evolution as the best email app for my needs.

KDE is working on releasing v.4.3.  They are up to RC2, and there are details on the Kubuntu website on how to upgrade your existing KDE desktop within Kubuntu.   If you are still struggling with KDE 4.1, I strongly encourage you to check out at least v.4.2, and/or leapfrog to 4.3.

My next hill to conquer is whether to leap with KDE to another distro such as Mandriva or Open Suse.  There are so many choices out there for Linux users.  But the old adage still rings true – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Let us know about your KDE vs. Gnome vs. Xfce experiences.

8 thoughts on “I’m Back with Kubuntu Linux (and Happy as Ever)”

  1. I also tried switching to Ubuntu after frustration with the early releases of KDE4. Now, I’m back with Kubuntu 9.04 and testing 9.10, and running KDE 4.3 RC2. Wow! I’m loving KDE again, too! I also used Mandriva and OpenSUSE for a long time and have gone back to playing with both from time to time, but I have to say that I’m happier with Kubuntu with KDE 4.3 RC2 than I have been with any other distro.

  2. I’ve always been a Gnome user. But when KDE4 came out I tried it and loved it! Except it was too unstable… So I went back to Gnome until KDE 4.2 came out. It’s awesome, I’m hooked 🙂

  3. I compare KDE 4.x to a woman wearing too many trinkets. For this reason, I use Ubuntu Netbook Remix as my main platform and CrunchBang as a secondary OS. Both have the speed and simplicity that I do not see in KDE.

  4. im gonna have to try kde again, i think the 4.3 is supposed to be out officially aug 4, so i will wait until then, ive always preferred gnome and always thought kde was to um like windmonger said, too many trinkets but there are a lot who love it so i have to give it another go 😉

  5. I’ve never been a Gnome fan, finding it too simplistic and impossible-to-do-something-complex. KDE has always offered me great defualts but the option to do real work or real changes to the desktop, if I wanted it.

    Kubuntu felt flat for me, however (they took out so many options, trying to make it GNOME-y), and after some time with Mepis, I moved to Debian Testing and Debian Sid, and I absolutely love it. I’ve got one system with Sidux and a few with just Debian, and they’re all rock-solid and I am very happy with the implementation of KDE 4.2.4 on all of them. Sidux just had a new realease with KDE 4, actually, and I’ve read very positive reviews.

    Enjoy the distro hunt!

  6. Hey, as long as you realize that there are better KDE options out there and enjoy what youre using….

    Wait till you get your hands on KDE4.3.

    Were still not back to all the configurability we had before (i love the people who are afraid of too many options…you dont have to use them all you know) but 4.2 was the one I decided was good enough for my family, parents and others to use.

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