Dreamlinux 3.5 Quick Review and Screenshots

Dreamlinux 3.5 is a Debian (Lenny 5.0) based popular Linux distro from Brazil.

Dreamlinux can be run directly from a CD/DVD/USBStick or to a Hard drive. Dreamlinux comes with a selection of the best applications designed to meet most of your daily needs.  Dreamlinux ships with the XFCE desktop, which is pleasant and easy to navigate.

This distro is really suited for a USB disk on key install, and the installation disk offers several easy step installations depending on your intended media (USB, CD, Hard drive, etc…).

In pursuit of the perfect Linux Distro

The folks at Dreamlinux have a goal, to make a distro where ‘dreams can come true’.  The idea is to take a solid core Linux distro, Debian, make it look pretty, add the coolest and most-needed apps, then make it easy to install to just about anything.

The distro lives up to the magic of easy to distribute and pretty looks.  As for the most-needed or best apps, I guess that’s a matter of personal preference.  I for one would have liked to see Gimp, for example.  But then again, with Linux, you are always just an install away from your favorites that may have been left out from the start.

Bottom line

Dreamlinux is a good distro and looks great.  Do they have the stamina for udpates and consistency of the larger distros?  Maybe users with more experience on this distro can chime in here.

Let’s take a walk through the OS with screenshots.

Dreamlinux 3.5 login screen
Dreamlinux 3.5 login screen

Nothing fancy here, but wait, the good stuff is soon to come.

I’m running this in a virtual machine (VMWare) so you can see the VMware menus straddling some of these snapshots.

Dream Linux 3.5

Nice looking desktop with easy to navigate menus.  Here’s the Office menu.  No suprises here.

Dream Linux 3.5

A matter of personal taste.  Many users like the menu bar with the Mac look.  As you mouse over the icon enlarges to give the 3d effect.

Gallery of Screenshots

Here’s a gallery of screenshots, including the nifty compass that appears as the default homepage on the internet browser.

6 thoughts on “Dreamlinux 3.5 Quick Review and Screenshots”

  1. Beware the following:

    *The terminal is unusable. When one tries to launch it, the system crashes and drops back to login.

    *The EasyInstall menu won’t open.

    I certainly hope the DL people rectify these issues, since their distro is the Fernanda Tavares of distros (i.e., total eye candy) and their implementation of Xfce is extremely nice.

  2. Not sure what Adam’s issue is, maybe a bad burn of iso (did he check with md5sum?). My install to hd went like clockwork, easy to follow, and took approximately 15mins. The EasyInstall does work, but first you need to download the dream-update pack (info at the dreamlinux forum).
    I downloaded the Xfce version, and it’s rather quick of the mark, boot to login took just 55sec’s!
    Ive made a bit of hobby trying various distro’s, this is certainly a very good one and should prove solid and robust.

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