How Much Bandwidth Used in a 128k Radio Stream

How Many Megabytes in a 128k Music Stream?

How much bandwidth is consumed on your internet connection when you listen to online radio, or watch music videos and clips on Youtube?

Let’s start with the most popular stream rate for online radio and internet radio stations. 128kbps means 128 kilobits per second.

So how do we translate that into bandwidth on my internet connection?
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How to Get USA Proxy Using Your AWS Server – Three Easy Steps

If you have an AWS Amazon Web Services Linux Web Server, you are in luck.  Creating a full USA Proxy Server has never been easier.

Here’s a quick guide that will show you how to set up a proxy server using your existing AWS server.

We’ll show you in just a few easy and completely free steps how to create a winproxy tunnel. Your local PC will take the IP address of your AWS server.
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How to Make Streamripper Save UTF8 Filenames

I’m assuming you came here because you are already using Streamripper on the command line.
This fix is for those who rip streams with filenames that are not the basic character set (Not English).

If you are seeing ripped file names that look like this øòåú çï – áùãä éøå÷.mp3 then here is the solution:

On the linux command line, use the following directive:
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Fix WordPress Plugins Auto Update

Summary: Fix WordPress to auto update plugins without requiring an FTP password.

If you manage your own blog with WordPress you will often need to update plugins to their newer versions. Depending on how your blog was initially set up, when you click on update you may get a screen that asks for a FTP username and password. There is a fix that will enable you to automatically update all your plugins and themes.

This fix should work for versions of WordPress 2.8 and above.

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How to Play Windows Media Files on your iMac Macbook Pro

Want to play Windows Media files (wmv, mms, wma, asx) on your Macintosh Safari and Chrome browser?

You’ll need to install a free plugin that will give your Mac Quicktime player the extensions it needs to play Microsoft Windows content.

Here are the steps to install the required plugin:

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Top 5 Trends and Key Learnings at Affiliate Summit West 2011 Las Vegas

The Affiliate Summit West was held last week in Las Vegas at the Wynn Resort and had nearly 5,000 attendees. This is _the_ place where affiliate internet marketers meet to learn about the latest industry trends and to meet with new and existing marketing partners. The conference included an expo and “meet market” where dozens of network and affiliate vendors exhibited and shared information about their services. Many of those attending shmoozed in the halls with impromptu networking opportunities.

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Fix for Skype problems connecting in Windows 7

Recently, I’ve had problems connecting to Skype lately on my Dell Studio laptop on Windows 7. My Linux box has no problem connecting on the same internet connection so I ruled out network and account problems.

I read about one hundred blog posts and Skype recommendations but nothing worked. I really need Skype as I use it for business daily meetings. After literally hours of trying everthing – uninstalling, removing headset, removing all audio programs, killing Media Player in task manager, killing itunes, etc… I finally found a solution that worked for me. So far, Skype loads like a beauty now, like it should, like it always did. I hope it works for you too.

Fixing the problem

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Get Adsense Stats Even when Google Site is Down for Maintenance

Q. I have a Google Adsense account. Google occasionally shuts down for maintenance. During this time, usually four hours, all access reports if off. I’m left with no way of knowing how my website is performing. What do I do?

A. Google continues tallying ad clicks on your website, even if you can’t see them on your adsense account while the system is down. High volume websites sometimes make adjustments on the fly if things aren’t working well, or to respond to fast-changing.

Here’s a little known trick to see your stats even when Adsense is down…
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PHP Script – Show Google Search Term That Brought Visitor to Your Website

Find the Google Search Term Keywords That Landed the Visitor on Your Website

I always wanted to know when displaying the webpage what search brought the user to this page.  You can always look at Google Analytics, or whatever statistics package you have on your server (Urchin, Webalizer, etc…), but that is after the fact.  So, I wrote a simple PHP script (all server-side) that gives you that information.

Code Example: Full script – Copy & Paste

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Easiest Way to Have a USA IP Address

Free and Legal Method for Acquiring a Reliable USA IP Address For Testing and Surfing While Outside the USA.

Q. You’re located outside the USA and need to test what your website looks like to your USA visitors.  What’s the easiest way to accomplish this for free an without pesky and unstable ip cloaks and expensive ip proxy address forwarders.

A. If you have a server already located in the USA, all you need to do is to connect via SSH to your server with a port tunnel and then configure your browser to access all non local internet connections through that port.

Step by Step Guide to SSH Tunnel:

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