Top 5 Trends and Key Learnings at Affiliate Summit West 2011 Las Vegas

The Affiliate Summit West was held last week in Las Vegas at the Wynn Resort and had nearly 5,000 attendees. This is _the_ place where affiliate internet marketers meet to learn about the latest industry trends and to meet with new and existing marketing partners. The conference included an expo and “meet market” where dozens of network and affiliate vendors exhibited and shared information about their services. Many of those attending shmoozed in the halls with impromptu networking opportunities.

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Today’s Top Technology Stories – June 25

Today’s top stories with TechExposure’s unique commentary.

US urges China to scrap Internet filter plan

China presses on with its plans to monitor every piece of information passing thru Chinese computers.  Can anyone say “Big Brother”?

Microsoft Has Big Plans for Power-saving Tools

Microsoft’s $9 billion research unit is coming up with ways to save our planet from climate change caused by greenhouse gasses, which is in no small part due to our computers being left on all day long.  How

Upgrading to the iPhone 3G S

There’s a few interesting threads in the papers today regarding the value of an iPhone and the sum of its parts.   Are you still confused?

ZeniMax Media Buys id Software, Maker of Doom [and Quake]

Further consolidation of the gaming industry as one big gaming company buys another.  It’s a good thing that industry hasn’t figured out they could go to congress and ask for bailouts.  Hey, there are probably thousands of programming jobs at risk here.

LG Elec aims to sell up to 5 mln LED TVs in 2010

US approves import ban on some Sharp TVs, displays

Did we read that headline correctly?  5 Million TVs!  What ever happened to USA TV Manafucterers like Zenith?  Remember their slogn, “the quality goes in before the name goes on”?  It’s no wonder that the US is starting to aggressive in its trade restrictions.

Google Opens adsense For Mobile Applications

Now developers of mobile ads can bake in Google Adsense ads.  The hegemony continues!

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Reaches Max Downloads

Remember when “Microsoft Security” was considered a oxymoron?    According to their website, the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) Beta reached 75,000 downloads in less than 24 hours.

Kayak to Bing: Stop Copying Us!

More on the Microsoft front.  Kayak, the multi-airline fare checker has a nice looking website.  They claim that the folks at Microsoft Bing like it so much, they copied it.  Look here – Source: Wired News:

Palm Pre Reaches 1 Million Apps Mark

Palm is vying for the “Avis award”, they try harder (but they’re still number two)

Fortune 100 CEOs are Social Media Laggards

File this one in the ‘duh’ department.   Fortune Magazine reports that of the 100 CEOs interviewed, none are maintaining a blog, and only two have a Facebook page.

Boxee Adds Windows Alpha, Partnership

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better for online-tv viewing,  open-source Boxee platform who already aggregated content from CBS, Hulu, MTV, Netflix, The WB and more, has announced, along with its Windows release, new content from Digg, Current, MLB.  It’s great to be living in the Open-source age.  Now, let’s get everyone over to Linux…

Economy Pick Up – Internet Startups Getting Funded

Here’s an article that discusses the new sentiment for investing in internet startups and the problems VCs are facing justifying seven-figure investments.

Israel has more technology startups/companies listed on the Nasdaq than Canada! They are considered a bell-weather for investment activity. Venture capital is looking at Israel as an attractive place for investment in terms of technology know-how and cost of capital.

Twitter is the new RSS

Hasn’t Twitter basically just replaced RSS? Instead of users looking at your latest blog post titles on your RSS feed, are they relying on you to Tweet each of your blog posts with links?

Twitter is the easiest way to get your blog info out there to the masses, but at what point do you lose control of all the posts?

I for one do not like following Tweeters who inundate my homepage with hundreds of new links every day.

As evidenced by my Tweeting this post, evidently I am joining the ranks of the hyper-tweeters. As the great classic rock band, The Who, once sang “Long Live Rock” and long live Twitter…

Ping Your Blog – The Essential Free Traffic Tool.

Every time you post a new story to your blog you should have a ritual of actions you take to ‘guerrilla market’ your blog.  Without letting the world know you exist, it is nearly impossible to grow your reading population.

Your post-blog ritual may include, Twitter, Digg, Propeller, & StumbleUpon.  You should also be automatically updating these feed “pings”.  How do they work?  Essentially, your blog software (let’s assume WordPress for this posting) automtically send a XML link to your new post to the URL addresses you include in your ping list.

From your WordPress admin panel, click on the settings on the bottom left, the click on the “Writing” tab.  Scroll down on the page and you’ll see a box called “Update Services.”  WordPress by default pings pingomatic. Pingomatic is a broadcast service that automatically then forwards your ping to a number of other ping sites.  We have included here a list of ping services that are not notified by pingomatic.

Select from the list below the services that match the content of your blog or just shamelessly add them all to your “Update Services” box! (Cut and paste the URLS, not the comments in parentheses)     (Technorati is included in Pingomatic, but they recommend you ping them directly – you should also “claim” your blog on (Spanish Blog Tracker) (The Fantasy blog stockmarket)

How Much Is Your Website Worth? Review of value ranking websites

Ever wonder how much your online business is worth?
There’s a plethora of websites purporting to use some type of scientific algorithm to determine a website’s value.

We’ve compared a few of these sites to varied results.
1.Website Value Calculator
I asked how much Yahoo was worth, and the answer was 1.39 billion USD. Evidently, Wall Street hasn’t taken notice of this service yet, since Yahoo’s market cap as of June 10 is $22.58 Billion USD. This website has a clean web 2.0 feel and was very quick with the results. One can assume that they calculate frequently and cache the results for later retrieval.

2.Your Website Value
Yahoo is worth $3,845,952,866, getting closer, but still not there yet. This website is focused on trying to rent your website space. They also offer optimizing tools, detailed reports, etc… Their analysis tool runs thru a 12 step process before displaying the results which takes about 30 seconds.

3.Website Outlook
Yahoo = 1.2 Billion. They also have a login screen for registered users to get more information. They also provide basic traffic data, which looks as though it’s been gathered from multiple primary sources.

4. $stimator
This site claims “The engine deliveries the most accurate economical value that a website could worth by collecting important data”. Their 14 step analysis process has a neat rolling counter that adds up the site value until it reaches the sum total at the end of the analysis. After about 1 minute, Yahoo was calculated to $222 Million, which was the lowest of the sites we’ve tested. You can then click on buttons for additional reports. Although the look is slick, they can use a good spell-checker as English is probably not their native tongue.

Other websites like Value My Web require you to enter your email to get website results. On their homepage, they show Yahoo with a value of $18.5 Billion (the closest to market cap yet). Cube Stat puts Yahoo at $1.1 Billion.
Website Valued gingerly stated that Yahoo was “A Top Site”, and that “a valuation will underestimate the value of the website based purely on visitor and advertising revenue.”

Our testing showed that these sites can be useful as a comparitive barometer of one site’s value vs. another site. They also include a Firefox extension for you to retrieve websitevalue results as you surf the net.

Have you tried this service?
Are there other websites that also track a website’s value? Please let us know if you have had experience with similar tools and if the one reviewed here worked for you.

Google Adwords Class Action Suit

As an Adwords advertiser I received an email yesterday from claims at adwordscustomersettlement dot com

This is the long-running class action suit filed by CLRB Hanson, and it names Howard Stern as one of the plaintiffs. Although the suit had reportedly been settled in preliminaries out of court for $20 million, this new email suggests that the case was filed June 9 in US District Court, with James W. Ware US District Judge presiding.

Full Text of the suit – Google class action CLRB Hanson Industries

The suit is named:
CLRB Hanson LLC et al. v. Google Class Action Settlement; c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
Their address is listed as PO Box 990, Corte Madera, CA 94976

Anyone have an idea if there’s a chance of the little guys seeing a piece of this pie?

Failure is Not an Option: 10 Stories of Inspiration

Inspiration comes from within – It’s never too late!

Harriet Beecher Stowe
Harriet Beecher Stowe

1. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote her first novel in 1852, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, at the age of 41. She had been in a major depression as it was only three years after her son had died from cholera. Within the first year of publication, the book had sold 300,000 copies. By 1854, it had been translated into 60 languages and become the most sold book in the history of the world until that time. Her efforts have been hailed as one of the major contributing factors to the abolition of slavery in the United States.

2. Alexander Hamilton was the the first United States Secretary of the Treasury, and one of the founding fathers of the United States. He was born out of wedlock. His mother raised him alone until her death when he was 11. He was adopted by a cousin, who committed suicide six months later.

Comedian Rodney dangerfield
Comedian Rodney dangerfield

3. Famous stand up comedian Rodney Dangerfield started out in his profession at the tender age of 19. He struggled for nine years and gave it up to try a new career selling aluminum siding. He came back to his passion after thirteen years and was able to establish himself, at the age 41, of as one of the premier comedians of his time (70 appearances on the Tonight Show, Grammy Award Winner, starred in three movies, honored by the Smithsonian, and American Comedy Award for Lifetime Achievement).

4. Maya Angelou, is a poet, author, civil rights activist, university professor, winner of three Grammies, pulitzer prize nomination, national book award nominee, and holds over 30 honorary degrees. Her parents divorced when she was three, and she was raised partially by her grandmother. She was raped at the age of eight by her mother’s

Poet Maya Angelou
Poet Maya Angelou

friend. This trauma made her mute for the next five years of her life. From the age of 17 to 19 she worked as a prostitute and then became the madame of a whorehouse. In her 30s, she turned her life around to become one of America’s best-known poets and authors.

5. British statesman, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill was known for his oratory skills. He had a speech impediment that he worked to avoid his entire life. He had been defeated in every public election until being appointed prime minister in 1940 at the age of 61. He was again defeated after WWII in 1945, and subsequently won election again as PrimeMinister in 1951 at the age of 72 which he held for four years. Churchill’s famous quote: “Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

US President Abraham Lincoln
US President Abraham Lincoln

6. Abraham Lincoln who led the US during its most critical internal struggle of the Civil War and abolition of slavery, won the Republican party nomination in 1960 and became the 16th President of the United States. He was raised in a one room log cabin. His mother died when he was nine. Three of his four children died in childhood. He was estranged from his father. His formal schooling consisted of 18 months and he was largely self-educated, and practiced as a criminal lawyer for 23 years appearing before the Supreme Court over 400 times. He was defeated in his run for Illinois General Assembly in 1832. He was defeated in his bid for Senate in 1854. Defeated in two attempts for Vice Presidency.

7. Hall of Famer Babe Ruth, famous American baseball player, held the record for most homeruns nearly 40 years until Hank Aaron surpassed him in 1974. He also held the record for most strikeouts for 30 years and is still #87 on the alltime strikeouts list. He was quoted as saying “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run”.

Hall of Fame Baseball Player Henry Aaron
Hall of Fame Baseball Player Henry Aaron

8. On the same topic, Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, was voted an all-star for twenty straight seasons. He held the homerun record for over 30 years until being eclipsed by Barry Bonds in 2007. As a black man, Aaron endured significant hardships on his path to glory. He endured death threats for his ‘daring’ to beat a white man’s record.

9. World famous jazz musician Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong was born out of wedlock. His father left him as an infant. His mother handed him off to be raised by his grandparents (who were former slaves). He left school at age 11. His first musical instrument was given to him by junk hauler who was Jewish. As a token of gratitude, Armstrong wore a Jewish Star of David pendant his entire life. Living on the streets even as a boy, he joined different colored ragtime bands and played to make ends meet. He considered the tough times as inspiration for his future musical potential “Every time I

Satchmo Louie Armstrong
Satchmo Louie Armstrong

close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine—I look right in the heart of good old New Orleans…It has given me something to live for.”

10. Michael Jordan for nearly two decades was the world’s most recognized athlete. He brought the Chicago Bulls to six world championships. As a teenager, he failed to make his high school basketball team. As a pro, his first 6 seasons, the Bulls were mediocre to below average. After winning three straight NBA Championships, he quit basketball to try his other passion, baseball, at which he failed miserably and did not make the team. That same year, his father was murdered in an apparent robbery. He returned the next year to theBulls and won another three consecutive NBA Championships. He retired from basketball, only to again return for another season with the Washington Wizards.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Jordan, who is recognized as one of the most competitive athletes to ever don a uniform, had this to say about failure: “I’ve failed over and over again in my life. That is why Isucceed.”

Share with everyone you know the message. We can all succeed.